Sara Lee's light, golden Croissants are made in the traditional style with an all butter recipe to ensure a delicious flavour that simply melts in the mouth. Sara Lee Croissants are an ideal accompaniment to a meal or a versatile and appealing snack option. They will be enjoyed served hot or cold, with a choice of sweet or savoury fillings or even left by themselves. Sara Lee Croissants are available in three different sizes to suit your needs and sales opportunities. For your convenience and economic benefit, they are delivered frozen - simply remove the required number of croissants from the package and defrost or warm in the oven from frozen.

Extra Large Croissant

Product Code: 8308

Large Croissant

Product Code: 7087

Traditional Croissant

Product Code: 48 pack: 8416 | 96 pack: 8409

Mini Croissants

Product Code: 8262


Waffle Bros, a family of different sized Liège waffles, offering foodservice operators more flexibility for creative menu offerings with the choice of a petite 22g Little One, a 60g In-Betweener, or a larger 90g Big Bro. Like a bunch a brothers, each will fight to become the favourite at every meal occasion. Perhaps one will be the best coffee takeaway treat, dipped in chocolate, or even sandwiched with Sara Lee ice cream. Another may like to hang out alongside a classic brekkie. And, and of course, there’s always one striving to be the centre of attention, featured in an extraordinary waffle dessert! The options are limitless!

Little One Waffle

Product Code: 1000007623

Big Bro Waffle

Product Code: 1000008031

In Betweener Waffle

Product Code: 1000007622


Add variety and flavour to your menu with delicious Sara Lee Danish desserts. Stylishly presented and ready to serve, Sara Lee Danish desserts are absolutely irresistible. Choose from a range of delicious Danish pastries filled with a superb selection of fruits and nuts. An all time favourite.

Apple Danish

Product Code: 8337

Apple Berry Custard Danish

Product Code: 8329

Apricot Danish

Product Code: 8338

Custard Danish

Product Code: 8333


Delicious Sara Lee Muffins are made to true muffin batter and arrive frozen fresh to you. Just simply defrost and serve.

25g Blueberry Muffin

Product Code: 7133

25g Chocolate Chip Muffin

Product Code: 7140

Individually Wrapped Chocolate Chip Muffin

Product Code: 7139

Individually Wrapped Blueberry Muffin

Product Code: 7130

Tray Cakes

Sara Lee presents a delicious range of Tray Cakes that are full flavoured, rich and irresistible. Carefully made to traditional recipes, only the finest ingredients are used to ensure maximum enjoyment. Choose from a tantalising selection of fruit, chocolate and nut cakes to suit your budget and the occasion - whether it is morning or afternoon tea, a dessert or special event. Simply cut to size, thaw and serve as is or garnish with a dollop of cream, a coulis or fresh fruit.

Chocolate Mud Cake

Product Code: 8251

Chocolate Brownie Un-Iced

Product Code: 8236

Sultana Cake

Product Code: 8222

Carrot Cake

Product Code: 8204

Chocolate Cake

Product Code: 8203

Orange Cake

Product Code: 8202

Banana Cake

Product Code: 8201

White Chocolate and Raspberry Cake

Product Code: 8219

Lemon Cake

Product Code: 8312

Cheesecakes and Desserts

Add variety and flavour to your menu with delicious Sara Lee desserts. Stylishly presented and ready to serve, Sara Lee desserts are absolutely irresistible.

Peach Mango Cheesecake

Product Code: 8105

French Cream Cheesecake

Product Code: 8106

Mixed Berry Cheesecake

Product Code: 8056

Chocolate Bavarian

Product Code: 8103


Product Code: 8108

Sticky Date Pudding

Product Code: 8100